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Protecting Students from Inappropriate Internet Materials Teachers Resources
The Internet is a vast and fertile collection of resources for teachers and students alike. But with much of it focusing on sexually based material, there is considerable anxiety in the educational establishment that students using it for learning and research will be exposed to inappropriate content. Find out what resources are available to teachers to combat the problem in this article... Read More Teachers Resources Featured Article
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Cleaning Adult Material from classroom and home computersTeachers resources
When a school provides computer access to students, it becomes the responsibility of the school to ensure that the computer systems are free of inappropriate and offensive materials. Internet Filters are a good preventative measure, but they are not always 100% effective, and the internet is not the only way that unwanted material can arrive on servers or computer hard-drives. Email, CDROM, floppy disk etc. are all methods by which students can introduce unwanted items.

A new parental control software product, Snitch, is designed specifically to address this problem, in educational institutions and at home. Snitch searches the computer's hard drive, checking for the most common forms of adult material - images, movies, audio files, as well as checking internet history, searching for obscene language, checking for hidden files, and more.

Teachers will find this to be an excellent tool for finding and eliminating any obscene or adult related material appearing on school computers. Our initial tests of this product have shown it to be very effective, with many undesirable files being detected on our common use library computers.

You can download a Free Demo and read more about this product at the Snitch website - www.hyperdynesoftware.com
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