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A new adult material detection program, Snitch, is becoming more and more popular for detecting lolita material on computers. Snitch can be used to detect pornographic images, movies, inappropriate internet activity, including pictures of kiddie porn, lolita images, violence etc.

Snitch incorporates a 'smart' algorithm designed to scan all images in the target range and to prioritize them according to their 'suspiciousness'. A lolita image usually exhibits characteristic tones and distribution that allow identification above other normal images. Although any image analysis method that attempts to separate adult images from standard images invariably classifies some images incorrectly, the algorithm used by Snitch is quite effective, and usually a computer that contains 'dirty pictures' will show obscene or indecent pictures in the first page of image results. This allows the user to quickly assess whether the target computer requires further inspection.

Schools commonly use Snitch to detect and delete porn, as the education establishment is becoming increasingly concerned about the ease of availability of obscene material (lolita images) via the internet. Parents naturally assume that schools have the issue under control but reality is often quite different. Solutions which are currently available do not delete porn, but instead take the form of internet filters which attempt to intercept incoming files. These systems are not nearly as effective as they need to be to thwart students, who can be resourceful and persistent when they have their mind set on something.

This is where Snitch comes in; it can be used to detect inappropriate internet behaviour, both directly, by checking the internet browser access caches, and indirectly by examining the computer for files that have been obtained using the internet. In addition, files that have been introduced through other channels, such as LAN, CDROM, floppy disc, compressed files, email, and other internet methods that bypass the browser, are easily detected by Snitch and rarely by any other system.

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